Tuesday, August 2, 2011

February 14th 2011
Did this painting for Ellen for Valentines Day and sort of an early wedding present.

January 24th 2011
Brand New Pencil Test

January 9th 2011
Modeled after Harry Nilsson and Fred Wolf's characters, "Oblio and Arrow" from The Point

Oblio and Arrow
Just made these storyboards for an animated short that my roommate Patrick Sevc and I are going to make. Super excited.


November 4th 2010
Uploaded this RE-EDITED version of my film, "Nathan and Nordrich"!

September 3rd 2010
"Peeved", the animated series that Ellen and I made, made it to the Finals in the Video Gong Show! It was a great time being able to boo videos you didn't like and cheer the ones you did! Come show your support at the finals at The Hollywood Theatre on October 21st!

August 31st 2010

The Documentary that my animation appears in, called "Queen of The Sun" is about to start a 2-week run at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland! It's playing from September 17-October 4th. I plan to be at the screening on Sep 18th. Come say "hi" if you can. It should be good, it features Michael Pollan, Gunther Hauk and Vandana Shiva. And me.

August 22nd 2010

A couple paintings I did last term.

August 19th 2010

August 18th 2010

Sir Giles, Twainified.

August 12th 2010

"Roughing It"

August 11th 2010

A little story sketch I did the other night:

August 11th 2010

Here's where I'm at with the animation test I've been working on:

I'm working on some animation of a miner trying to dig in some impossibly hard soil.

Here's the pose test that I started with:

After that I made some refinements and did some animation roughs:

Here's some of my animated videos that I did during my internship with Portland Community Media

Here's my contribution to Laura Cone's zine about glasses:

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